Mr. Elmer R. McLean

For approximately three years I have experienced nausea most of the time.  I found there were certain foods made it worse both to smell and eat; these included cooked broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, beef and gravy.

Efforts were made from time to time to discover the cause through colonoscopy, endoscopy, ex-ray, blood samples, stool samples, and ultra-sound.  Nothing ever came of these.  During the last year I have used domperidone to keep food moving.  Last September I visited Floyd Brown who did a blood analysis.  He said it was the worst he had ever seen.  Present were acid, parasites, candida, red blood cells clotted together and platelets clotted.  I performed a liver cleanse and felt some relief and did it again in December.

On January 8, 2012 I began preparations for a gall bladder cleanse.  Jan 16 at 6 pm I began “the cleanse”.  The next steps were at 8pm and 10pm and one more at 6am January 17.

At 10:30am I experienced a bowel movement that passed about 40 or so stones and repeated at 3:30pm the same amount.  The nausea is almost completely gone and I am eating normally again.  It is my intention to repeat the cleanse in four weeks’ time.

I strongly endorse Joy In Health and Nutrition Inc.

Mr. Elmer R. McLean

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