Simone Boesten & Marley

To Floyd and Staff
Thank you for all your kindness, understanding, and for all your hard work.

Floyd, you blew me away with the way you handled me and my situation, and took time to answer all my questions and fears.  You gave me a lot of hope and helped Marley tremendously. 

Your staff and son were also so kind and knowledgeable, and I will continue to refer people to you and believe in your practice and what you do.

Marley has gone to a better place, but I know we did all we could for him, and for whatever reason, it was just his time.  Thank you for believing in him and not giving up.

He fought so hard, and I am forever grateful to you for helping him as best you could. 

I wish you well and continued successes.
With great appreciation,
Simone Boesten & Marley

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