Child with Autism Testimonial

My son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called holoprosencephaly which results in a lot of the same characteristics autistic children carry. He has had behavioral problems, next to no attention span, was slow to walk (did not start walking until the age of 3), slow at speaking, sleeping problems, and sensory input challenges as well. He also had a very low immune system and resulted in his being sick every  three weeks.

We made a visit to Joy in Health and Nutrition two years ago. During our visit Floyd observed Gabriel's need to constantly move and his inability to concentrate on anything or anyone. It was also apparent I was exhausted from trying to keep up to my little man! Floyd tried 'Peace and Calming' on Gabriel and noticed a bit of a difference and so he also tried 'Ruta Vala' and we noticed a huge difference right away. My son calmed down and just wanted to be held. Floyd implemented a supplement program as well as some essential oils. For the next two months we took the supplements as well as putting two drops of Frankincense and Cedarwood on Gabriel's head and feet twice a day and 1 drop of Ruta Vala on his head and feet in the morning and before bed. We would use Peace and Calming whenever we were out in public and Gabriel became agitated. We also used Lavender and Peace and Calming to help with Gabriel's sleep patterns. They both help but we also had to use Melatonin during the very hard times he had getting to sleep.

Over the next two months I could see a huge difference in how much calmer our son had become and how he was able to concentrate a lot
more. When we visited Floyd he was impressed and encouraged by the differences he saw. Gabriel was able to look Floyd in the eye and sit in a chair with my I-phone looking at flash cards.

We have kept up with the essential oil program and have added a few more along the way. I introducted Helichrysum to Gabriel because it promotes communication and also helps connect signals in the brain. Gabriel's words are coming at a greater rate than ever before. His behaviors are less because he realizes he can communicate and people can understand him more.

Personally I have used many essential oils to help with the stresses and strains I feel. I have used Thieves oil and Spruce to help rebuild my immune system after cancer treatment. I am going to start using Helichrysum as well because it is supposed to reduce lymphatic edemas and improved the healing after surgery.

After my dad's open heart surgery he is using 'Mister' to help deal with the post-traumatic stress he is feeling....he is constantly using it and has found it is helping him immensely.

My mom has suffered from migraine for years and finds that if she feels a migraine coming on she uses Panaway and she is able to avoid
having to lay in bed in the dark for the day.

I am a firm believer in the healing properties of essential oils and highly recommend Floyd and his team who are very encouraging and calming to work with. Floyd's knowledge of essential oils and their properties is amazing and his passion for helping people is next to none. He is able to set up a personal program to help each individual with their needs. Thank you Floyd for all of the help you have given us over the years we are very thankful for your knowledge.

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