My son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called holoprosencephaly which results in a lot of the same characteristics autistic children carry. He has had behavioral problems, next to no attention span, was slow to walk (did not start walking until the age of 3), slow at speaking, sleeping problems, and sensory input challenges as well. He also had a very low immune system and resulted in his being sick every three weeks read more

To Floyd and Staff
Thank you for all your kindness, understanding, and for all your hard work.

Floyd, you blew me away with the way you handled me and my situation, and took time to answer all my questions and fears.  You gave me a lot of hope and helped Marley tremendously. 

Your staff and son were also so kind and knowledgeable, and I will continue to refer people to you and believe in your practice and what you do read more

Many heartfelt thanks to Floyd for believing in, and pursuing the pat of alternative intervention toward improved health and wellness.

His program recommendations have changed my life in such a way that, for the first time in life, I wake each day and look forward to living the day to its fullest.  I now have energy, both physically and mentally to invest in living a quality life vs. feeling as though I’m simply existing.  My health history includes living much of my life with depression read more

For approximately three years I have experienced nausea most of the time.  I found there were certain foods made it worse both to smell and eat; these included cooked broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, beef and gravy.

Efforts were made from time to time to discover the cause through colonoscopy, endoscopy, ex-ray, blood samples, stool samples, and ultra-sound.  Nothing ever came of these.  During the last year I have used domperidone to keep food moving.  Last September I visited Floyd Brown who did a blood analysis.  He said it was the worst he had ever seen read more

 Kidney Stone Testimony
Last week Al experienced excruciating pain at the level of 15 on a scale of 1 – 10 which says a lot since he almost never complains.

I know which oils have been known to support the kidney and bladder bit did a search on oil-testimonials.com just to see what others have done in similar circumstances.  Based on previous knowledge and the other testimonies I read, we had him immediately drink 40 drops of Lemon Oil in water then applied oils for pain and those known to support kidneys and bladder topically read more

 To whom it may concern
I am a 69 year old male.  I have suffered neck and head pain for many years from rotation whiplash. 

I started taking Frankincense and Idaho Balsam Fir since on or about the 245th of April.  I immediately had less head pain and was able to stay up and work most of every day since taking the Young Living Oils.  I feel better and can stay up on sustaining level.  I can travel again read more


My name is Randy Gilbert and 2-1/2 years ago I was overweight, unhealthy, and feeling terrible. When I began taking Bios Life Slim I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and my liver enzymes were all messed up from one of my tours of duty in the military. After being on Bios Life Slim for only 2-1/2 months, everything became normal. read more

Changing her cup of coffee has Debbie breathing easier and moving pain

“I started drinking Javita coffee in November 2013. I only drank 1
cup per day because I didn't know you could drink more. I have now
lost 43 pounds read more

Not only is Renee losing weight and 'back fat', she is completely off
pain and arthritis meds. Checkout her story below:

“I have been using Javita coffee since the end of January 2014.
Someone told me it was ‘weight loss’ coffee. I’ve been on EVERY
drug, diet and pill as well as to every type of doctor. So why not try
it? It's just coffee, right? read more
One father’s amazing results with Javita lean green tea leave his
daughter (Arianne) singing its praises. Check out Richard’s story
below… read more
The only thing better than making believers out of skeptics, is
helping someone to believe in themselves again. Like a beautiful
phoenix rising from the ashes, checkout this wonderful testimonial
from Elizabeth... read more
Changing her coffee has this wife and mother cruising through her day
with flying colors…

“My story goes like this...I was one of those people who never had
enough energy to get through my day. read more
Who would have thought doing a favor for a friend would have unlocked
the secret to losing weight for this mother of two… read more
The only thing better that discovering better health (and a slimmer
waistline) is doing it with someone you love. Checkout this story from
a navy veteran and his beautiful bride… read more
Counting her blessing, Rebecca is still amazed at how something as
simple as changing her cup of coffee could change her life in such
incredible ways… read more
Bill and Dawn Ball

Robin Freytag    8:02am May 8
One year after drinking Javita, this family man finds himself 85 lbs slimmer and 14 sizes smaller. Checkout Chochi’s story below: read more

According to one mother, Javita's energy mind doesn't just have her
12-year-old skipping her A.D.D. meds (thanks to clearer thinking),
she's also breathing easier. Check out Krystal's story below: read more

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